Glitch Game Shack

(949) 359-6300

26548 Moulton Pkwy, Suite

Laguna Hills CA

The Latest Technology

Our equipment was selected to provide exceptional framerates at the highest graphics settings.
4060ti/4070ti  - 165hz/240hz up to 2k - Intel/AMD
Games List - Others not listed can be downloaded


Our passion at Glitch is gaming, but what makes gaming amazing is the gaming community.  Anyone can play at home, but there is nothing like sitting next to your friends and smacking them in the head when they fail!  Social gaming comes to life at Glitch.


Birthday Parties - Up to 20 kids playing the latest games together, drink and pizza provided.  Click here for More Info.  Call (949) 359-6300 or Contact Us to get started.

Tournaments - Follow our Instagram for upcoming tournament announcements.  Everything from League to CS2 and Valorant.  We even throw the occasional Stumble Guys run around just for kicks.


One Hour Game Time: $10
Three Hours Game Time: $25
All Day Pass (expires day of purchase): $25

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About us

Just two guys who thought putting a game center in South Orange County was a great idea!  Aaron and Mike, son and father, we have been gaming together since Burning Crusade (if you know you know!) We have built an amazing place to game together, to get away, or to just get lost in your place of escape.  Not a franchise, not a chain.  Just us gamers!

game center, esports center, lan center, video games, video game center, fast PCs, laguna hills, orange county, south orange county
game center, esports center, lan center, video games, video game center, fast PCs, laguna hills, orange county, south orange county
game center, esports center, lan center, video games, video game center, fast PCs, laguna hills, orange county, south orange county
Glitch Game Shack
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Ahmed MobarakAhmed Mobarak
23:49 19 Jun 24
Amazing place and helpful staff
Kailyn ParisKailyn Paris
05:24 20 May 24
Very cool place! My sister and I came in to play some Fortnite and the quality of all the equipment was fantastic, the owner was extremely nice and accommodating and it was way more fun than gaming at home. We will definitely be coming back!
Kapri ParisKapri Paris
05:23 20 May 24
me and my sister saw this place and since we love playing fortnite everyday we were really interested and wanted to check it out right away and it was such a cool experience it was so much fun and and the pricing is really affordable and we honestly just had the best time ever!!! you should go check it out we are definitely going back!!!
Yanni ParissisYanni Parissis
01:12 19 May 24
Great service and very friendly staff
21:41 03 May 24
My friend brought me here on Saturday and I my first time I ended up enjoying it so much I had to come again. Staff is very welcoming and are military friendly. It’s worth the drive from Camp Pendleton to here.
isaiah gonzalezisaiah gonzalez
21:39 03 May 24
Really clean and awesome service. Computers are really nice.
Jacob WaltersJacob Walters
05:38 18 Apr 24
Great atmosphere and everything you need to play!
03:19 31 Mar 24
they gave me an extra hour to play with my friends. i’d recommend this place to everyone especially when it gives off really nostalgic howies vibes
Kyle SmithKyle Smith
20:43 16 Mar 24
Glitch does it right. The owners are a father-son duo that took their love of gaming and the community it fosters to put together what comes across as a true passion more than a business. The equipment is high end, the space is clean and comfortable, and the environment is warm and welcoming. If you’re looking to meet some great people, stop by and get some gaming in at Glitch!
02:10 12 Mar 24
came down here for a rocket league tournament that a few buddies of mine were involved in and this place was great. allegedly built from the ground up by a father and son team that runs the place. super nice guys that seem to have their heart in the business, and genuinely want to see it succeed.the computers are all pretty high-end (4060ti/4070ti, with other matching quality compoents). rates are reasonable. $10/hr, $25/3+ hours (all-day passes are also $25). they have drinks, snacks, etc. on premises but there's a bunch of good food options in the same shopping center. location is wheelchair accessible. parking is plentiful.come check these guys out if you're in the area.
19:02 11 Mar 24
The place was amazing! I had such a good time. The place feels super comfortable to be in and the owners father cracked me up multiple times. There were some issues like system errors would happen but the workers always find a solution around it. The seats were a little low for me because I do like to be eye leveled with monitor, however I did ask them if I can bring something to boost my height in the chair and they said that was fine. I definitely recommend this place as I will be going back the next day.
Isaias ZunigaIsaias Zuniga
22:53 10 Mar 24
I went for a Rocket League tournament. The environment and the staff were all great and accommodating. My brother and I drove all the way from NorCal! We’ll definitely consider coming again for more tournaments.
19:31 10 Mar 24
Friendly and welcoming people, definitely worth checking out.
Great place! We hosted a Rocket League tournament at Glitch Game Shack. They set up the brackets, checked in players, and coordinated local server's. Everything ran super smooth!
Connor WallConnor Wall
06:12 10 Mar 24
Cool environment and friendly people. Make sure to check out their tournaments
Ripper (Ripper)Ripper (Ripper)
01:12 20 Feb 24
Thank you to Aaron and Mike for creating such a fun, friendly, and inviting space for the community! With a wide selection of snacks, drink, and the best prices for an Internet Cafe. Very clean and simple. Great People and cant wait to come again! By the way.. For The Horde!!! GG's
Anthony LochAnthony Loch
00:26 10 Jan 24
Saw this place pop up, and took a chance on it out of the nostalgia. Reminded me of the old Howies, before VR and kids parties. Great atmosphere. Prices were cheaper than the website. They also are open to suggestions for new games and will get the systems updated for you.Very happy with my experience, will definitely bring a friend.
Quantez KellisonQuantez Kellison
01:46 01 Jan 24
Employees are very nice and always willing to help you figure something out if your having trouble and the vibes in the café are just very chill!
Benham HaynesBenham Haynes
01:41 01 Jan 24
Awsome place! Staff was super helpful and awnsered any questions we had about games avaiabilty and everything. Pricing was right and right around the corner from my house. Definitely coming backk!!!!!(Hopefully every sunday! Lol)
Tanner FotheringhamTanner Fotheringham
20:19 30 Dec 23
This place is great! stopped by with some buddies and bought a all day pass, reminded me of old times. New pc's that run on 165hz!op op
John S (Johnnyboy69)John S (Johnnyboy69)
18:09 30 Dec 23
Great location they just open and have so much potentialWould love to see events with the local community like this in the futureSuggested ideasGlitch shack, raiding guildHearthstone/magic the gathering tournamentSmash Bros tournaments
Anthony J. MarraccinoAnthony J. Marraccino
01:47 09 Dec 23
For gamers, by gamers. Father son duo of Mike and Aaron quite literally built this place with their bare hands and the attention to detail shows. High quality machines, every game you’d wanna play, and the refreshments to stay locked in. I’m currently en route to fire up a little CS2!
Michael TakataMichael Takata
08:43 29 Nov 23
I was at Glitch every day these last two weekends, and everything has been great! Their top-of-the-line gaming PCs have all of the most current games installed, and everything runs perfectly. With comfortable chairs and desks, what more could you ask for? The owners are awesome! You can tell that they are true gamers and care about the gaming community, and they've created the perfect LAN center for us, something that's been missing from Orange County for some years now.My friends came in with me, and it was just like the good old days of hanging out at CGC and Howie's. My brother brought his 9 and 7 year old kids on Black Friday, and they LOVED IT. They ended up going on Saturday and Sunday as well. Great place for experienced gamers, newer players, or kids who are interested in PC gaming. And you can't beat the value of an All Day Pass!
Laith Al-badawiLaith Al-badawi
17:49 21 Nov 23
Amazing place! I visited Glitch on their grand opening and loved every minute of it. Exactly what this area needs. Very nice computers, monitors, and chairs. Everything was clean and comfortable.I played every game I wanted to with absolutely no hiccups. The owners Aaron and Mike were very welcoming and made everyone feel at home. Perfect for all ages and would highly recommend! Let’s start a community.
00:43 20 Nov 23
very high end LAN center with 28 supercomputers to play all of the latest video games (League of Legends, Fortnite, Rocket League, Overwatch, Call of Duty etc).they had different controllers available, snacks, drinks, and a great atmosphere. highly recommend checking this place out if you're into gaming.met a few friends opening night and everyone on staff was really helpful 👍5/5